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The world of business is known to be cruel and leaves no chance for mistake.

Strategic planning

It is interesting to note that those businesses that perform at the highest levels usually have some sort

Business Analytics

Business analytics can be described as a technique that helps in decision making process in businesses. 

Marketing strategy

Here's a proven methodology to developing sure fire Market Programs that generate awesome results.

Interactive Charts

Interactive charts represent a new way of providing complex information in a simple and effective display

Global Services

Couriers are people or companies who are specifically employed to deliver packages and items

Customer Support

Live customer support can do so much more for a company than business owners and managers realize

Search Engine Optimisation.

Fully inclusive prices; Initial web Set-Up from £245 per site (Includes 4 pages) and just £49.95 per additional Page.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Promotion Services

SEO is an online strategy that can help you reach a larger online audience and increase your online sales and leads; the process of modifying the content of your web pages in the expectation that they will come near the top of search engine results for certain keywords or phrases.

It is best described as a process involving Keyword Research to discover appropriate Keywords and text Optimisation of web site code with new text/keywords, adopting thevery latest 'cutting-edge' google friendly ranking techniques to ensure Google Panda and Penguin friendly compliance.

You provide the content and we re-write it in order to incorporate the appropriate 'mix' of keywords and phrases. We then introduce other 'social' linking elements to enable your contacts to inter-act with you and others who are interested in your website. The essence of the service is around provideing a website that is exactly what your target audience are searching for. This together with carefully curated content linkind and appropriate news feeds will enable reliable 'organic' improvments in your search engine rankings

Our Search Engine Optimisation or SEO service is all encompassing and includes:

Identification of the most appropriate key words and phrases across all competition Integration of these keys into your website or re-writing keys into an existing website Full reports are supplied detailing the competition and the keyword/phrase selection process.


One of the main objectives being to achieve good page ranking through back-linking campaigns, the monitoring of Internet visitors; plus the provision of a detailed monthly statistical analysis report.

Google changes the way it ranks its index monthly (if not more), so even if a particular SEO technique works one month, you may well find that it’ll last for a couple weeks, tops; after which you will have to start all over again from a different angle!

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

It helps your website to get noticed by the right people, ie people who are looking for your exact services and done properly, you will enjoy a prominent position without having to 'pay for clicks' thereby saving you a considerable amount of money in the long run; finally, SEO will significantly help promote your websites popularity with other relevant websites thereby enabling a mutually beneficial 'link' exchange.

Remember, effective Search Engine Optimisation

Can have a very significant impact on your page rankings thereby increasing public awareness of your brand, service, product line etc. leading to increased sales. Dont leave it to chance, call or email Gordon Fitch now and ask for a free evaluation of your website.

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