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Our Website Promotion Service provides you with the power to reach a high Google Rank by promoting your website, business, or service to hundreds of relevant High-Ranking associated websites, Blogs Video Platforms, E-zines, Classifieds and Article Directories through a network of contacts in real time.

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PDF Brochure Marketing Services

Using pdf brochures and eBooks to promote your business

pdf_marketingHow would you like a way you could guarantee 20% - 30% more sales from every single email you send out to your list of business contacts? It really is very simple! You just have to find a way to get more of your messages delivered and read!

We know that It's becoming increasingly difficult to get our emails actually delivered to our lists due to enhanced spam filters and firewall systems. This means that we have to be extremely careful with what we include within our emails.

By including any of the 'trigger' words within our emails, like Bonus, FREE etc, will likely cause them to be deleted or at best, sent to the junk folder - your message has little if any chance of actually being seen never mind actually read...!

Studies are now showing that as many as 60%, 70%, even 75% of opt-in emails are being blocked by filters... and worst yet - you'll probably never know it's happening! You'll just think your sales message bombed!

Now for the good news...

We will create a stunning new fully optimised PDF Brochure from your existing marketing material, just like a web-page; containing your choice of copy and images, audio files and even video. In addition we include a customised response form so that readers can send their enquiries direct to your nominated email in-box.

  •   With PDF marketing, we can increase the delivery rates well within the 90% range!
  •   You can also expect click-through rates as high as 64%!

Click Here to see an example in action...FM Rep-Marketing Cover Image

We know that you only get one chance to make a good impression and that's why we work one-to-one with you to ensure both your absolute satisfaction and optimum performance. Your business has to stand out from the crowd, Its not just the 'look' of your site can determine whether or not you get the business its whether or not you are 'seen' and listed by the search engines!

Our packages are unmatched for price quality and guarantees - Tell us what you want and we'll turn it into reality!Green Tick

  • We can include your own messages for emails sent from within the send mail feature. This will allow you to
    personalise the message others will read when your digital web book spreads to new users. The editable image
    function gives us the ability to create digital photo albums which users can insert images into. 

  • We can include: Multi Media - embed and or stream Video and Flash, stream MP3. Image Pop Up Easy Quiz/Test
    /Forms and Survey creation with DeskTop Author's own amazing Eazy Forms tool. Hotlink to pages, web sites,
    movies and sound, as well as email and even other files. Set auto page turn for trade show or in-store presentations,
    allows for individual page turn settings and individual page turn timing.

  • In addition, we can specify one of 6 page transitions - three 3D page turn modes, turn, wipe and slide, and
    because the Digital Web Book file sizes are small, they are easily distributed by email, download or on floppy/CD or

  • Share your eBooks with friends, family, colleagues or customers with an internal Send to Friend function or sell your
    e-Books, Allow users to print pages or disable the print function, Password protect your eBooks in many ways best suited
    to your business model.

These Viral Books and Brochures are suitable for all Windows-based PC's. or Apple Macs (with Intel) and all mobile devices.

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