Smart Marketing

Marketing Software

We provide a proven array of business marketing, tools and Apps 
to help you build you achieve maximum potential  for your online business.

Business Utilities

Significantly reduce your Business Utilities & Enhance income.

Micro Websites

We provide data capture micro-websites for any business or service.

Business Apps

Mobile Apps for all Apple & Android devices & Business Sectors. 

Promotional Videos

Creating videos or Enhancing your existing marketing videos.

Video Transitions.

 Video Transitions!

We create 'eye-catching' video transitions to impact your message in the shortest possible time...

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Custom Apps

Business Apps!

Attract, Retain & Communicate with your Customers - Introducing the next generation of Business Apps ...

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Live Video

Creating Live Video!

Live video creates further impact and better engages with your viewers to get your marketing message across fast...

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Fitch Marketing - Increasing your Business Profilefitch marketing websites seo apps video

We increase your business profile across the internet and social media with 'cutting-edge' video intros, transitions and outros and custom Business Apps.


Looking for More Business Income?

We can provide complimentary business income opportunities that run in conjuction with any type of business, community funding project or charity. For more information contact Gordon Fitch at Fitch Marketing.


What do we provide?

A unique combination of custom website functions, complimentary income streams, video and apps. All our websites videos, apps and integrated business income sites can be seen across all desktop and mobile devices. We create bespoke micro-sites which seemlessely integrate with your existing social media sites, websites and related blogs. We also create and/or enhance your existining marketing videos and build bespoke marketing software all designed to promote your business across all online digital media. We also build bespoke business apps to promote any business sector.


Want More Information?

Find out more now, contact us via the web-form or contact page and see hopw we can help your business significantly reduce costs, increase income and reach more customers.

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